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Merlin vs Zombies Review

Merlin vs Zombies is an application developed by Educational Games. Merlin vs Zombies was first published on . It is currently available for Steam.

Do you love magic? Are you fascinated with creating fireballs out of thin air? And then hurl against at your hated enemies? In this game, you have to do just that. Aim very carefully and then your magic reserves will be enough to hit all the enemies who want to destroy your castle. Show all your knowledge of the basic laws of physics to hit as many enemies with one hit and earn as many points as you can.

Games features:

  • Many levels with different environments and difficulty
  • Nice graphics
  • Support for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, SteamOS)
  • Lots of Steam achievements

Your castle is attacked by peasants armed with pitchforks and axes. Did you do something wrong? Maybe you inflated the fees too much in the past year? Is it possible that you, the almighty magician, are somehow provoking all their strange behavior? No, this time the reason is much more interesting, they're just zombies. And the only thing that drives them is an all-consuming hunger. Dialogue is useless. Get out your fireballs and get ready for harsh defense. In the game, there are different types of magic, distinguished by the method of impact - from the simple to the flying and super hard balls. The enemies are not as naive as they seem! They will hide behind various obstacles in every possible way to avoid damage and let themselves be destroyed! The game develops ideas about physics and ballistics which are very exciting and educative and for both children and adults. In addition, it is very fun, addictive, and you will seamlessly spend your time playing this game.

Merlin vs Zombies

4 / 5

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Author: Educational Games
Size: 500 MB available space

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